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We address the key areas of long term Resilience and Sustainability of the Sector resulting in improved Aquatic Food Security. Our activities are strongly integrated across the group and encompass environmental modelling, all forms of carrying capacity, spatial analysis, biodiversity and new species, international development, securing and improving fishers' livelihoods, value chains and life cycle assessment. Much of this operates under the guidelines of the Ecosystem Approach to Aquaculture. Our current staff and research student complement reflects these diverse interests and our activities are showcased from the links below.

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Spatial Analysis & GIS

GIS and RS are used for strategic evaluation of regions for aquaculture exploitation and development, providing objective decision support for site selection, zoning, carrying capacity, environmental impact, climate change, productivity and coastal zone management.

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Environmental Sustainability

We investigate environmental sustainability of aquaculture production and development, focusing on development of modelling tools to investigate environmental effects and sustainability, and studies on the environmental effects of chemicals used within the worldwide aquaculture industry.

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Aquatic Resources & Development

Understanding of aquaculture production systems, sustainability and resilience of aquatic resource systems which are manipulated for societal aims enables focus on commercial aquaculture, pro-poor, acceptable multiple-use resource management, or supporting ecosystem health.

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Environmental & Ecological Modelling

Statistical and computer-based modelling allow prediction of likely outcomes and impacts of aquaculture activities. We use models to simulate aquaculture processes. Trphic modelling & population dynamics show interactions of wild and farmed species allowing sustainable management & lower risk.

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Native Species

We have promoted and investigated development of native species for aquaculture, particularly in Latin America. A prime objective has been protection of biodiversity in vulnerable systems, an issue which is of growing concern.

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From initial interests in fish physiology, particularly relating to marine and deep sea species, recent work has focused cultired animals, especially indigenous species for aquaculture.

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Support Services

We offer analytical and support services linked to environmental quality, management and regulation.

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