Parental Prediction / Assignment Program

FAP (Family Assignment Program) performs two related tasks using exclusion principles:

  1. Predicts the resolving power of specific parental data sets (nuclear and mitochondrial) for unambiguously discriminating among families / groups of families
  2. Assigns family of origin to progeny from genotype (nuclear and mitochondrial) data.

The FAP package is provided as a zip file.  When extracted, the instruction manual file is copied to the default directory and three sub-directories Programs’, ‘Inputs’ & ‘Outputs’ are created containing executables and demonstration files.

For further guidance on the FAP please contact John Taggart

Original upload date 12 June 06

Download latest version of FAP (version 3.6)

FAP 3.5 - Bug Report Jan 08:

When assigning offspring with 12 or more loci, FAP3.5 (and earlier compiled versions) may indicate a mismatch where, in fact, none exists, particularly when mismatch tolerance is set to zero - i.e. exact matches only to be resolved. This bug does not affect assignments made using 11 or less loci. Version 3.6 (available for download now) rectifies this problem.