Nutrient Requirements


We investigate novel methods for determining nutritional requirements with a focus on the establishment of the quantitative requirements for nutrients (with particular emphasis on micronutrients and vitamins, throughout the life cycle) that are lacking in key aquaculture species.
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Sustainable Ingredients

faba beans

As fisheries decline, vegetable oils are being used to replace fish oils as energy sources. The group is working on enhancement of omega-3 LC-PUFA in plant oils to overcome their natural deficiency of PUFAs.
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Molecular Mechanisms


We investigate the basic biochemical and molecular mechanisms which identify and characterise the factors controlling and regulating lipid and PUFA metabolism in fish.
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Genetic Improvement


A major goal is to understand the genetic and physiological factors that underlie the variation in salmon's ability to produce and/or retain n-3 LC-PUFA when fed diets containing only low levels of these fatty acids.
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Seafood & Human Health


The group is involved in studies investigating the use of n-3 LC-PUFA in improving aspects of human health.
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Nutrition Analytical Services

red fish

We possess a wide range of advanced analytical skills enabling us to provide advice and analysis to the aquafeed, fish farming and processing, agricultural and food producing sectors.
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