Health and Welfare Group

A small fish disease group, the Unit of Aquatic Pathobiology, was established at Stirling in 1972 with Professor Ron Roberts as founder Director. Our interests developed and new staff were recruited to address emerging aquaculture overseas, funded by DFID. It was from this nucleus that the Institute of Aquaculture eventually emerged in 1990

The work continues as a major activity in the Institute and has now expanded significantly to cover multiple aspects of health and welfare. We have diverse interests which are showcased through the links below.


Immunology & Aquatic Vaccines

Our research focuses on fish disease control through the development of novel rapid diagnostic tests both molecular and antibody based) and vaccines for both fresh water and marine cultured fish species. Our work also includes more fundamental research on the immune response of fish.

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The Parasitology group's research encompasses parasites of wild and cultured species worldwide and we have close collaborations with scientists in over 20 countries. Areas of major interest include Molecular Parasitology, Parasites, Biology & Ecology.

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Aquatic Population Health and Welfare

The group is working closely together on projects using population based models and analysis to answer a wide range of questions from applied control of specific diseases, through methods to monitor welfare to theoretical network modelling.

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We research identification & pathogenesis of aquatic bacterial species affecting farmed aquatic animals, and also microbial safety of aquatic seafood. Our capacity encompasses traditional to molecular assays as well as microbial epidemiology & antimicrobial therapy.

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A multitude of viruses in water and sea water complicate aquafarming of fish, shellfish and shrimps. We use classical and molecular techniques to identify and characterize waterborne viruses and to understand their interaction with farmed species.

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Consultancy services

We also offer disease diagnosis and a vaccine & therapeutant testing service. Please follow the links to our commercial services page.

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