Meet the Team

William Struthers HNC.
Chief Technical Officer
Billy joined the Environment Group of the Institure in 1982 and has almost 30 years experience in water quality analysis, sediment analysis and field survey in marine and freshwater environments, including secondments overseas with the Overseas Development Administration. Billy has expertise in chemistry & analytical techniques and responsibility for the day-to day management of the environmental analytical laboratories of the Institute. He has also been trained to operate our ROV and ICP-MS.

Graeme McWhinnie
Technical Officer
Graeme has been trained in freshwater and marine survey techniques, and boat handling. He is is a trained ROV operator and is the principal driver of our ROV in the field.

Trevor Telfer, BSc., PhD., C.Biol. MSB,
Lead Consultant
Trevor Telfer is a Senior Lecturer and Consultant in aquaculture and the environment. He completed a PhD in marine ecotoxicology on the use of field-bioassays in the assessment of marine environmental quality. Previously, he worked for 8 years for the Institute of Offshore Engineering (1983 to 1991) on projects involving coastal conservation and impacts from the offshore oil industry. Present interests include aquatic ecology in relation to sustainable aquaculture and modelling of environmental impacts of fish farm wastes. He has published many papers in scientific peer-reviewed journals and written over 120 professional scientific reports. He has been an expert panel member of the European Food Safety Administration (2005 - 2006) and is presently a member of the Environment Core Group for the European Aquaculture Technology and Innovation Platform (EATIP).