Water Quality Analysis

Our modern, well equipped water quality laboratory can undertake all statutory marine and fresh water analyses to European standards, and many non-standard techniques which are of value to statutory bodies, water companies, aquaculture companies and aquaculturists.

We can provide advice on water collection protocols if you wish to take samples yourselves and deliver these to us and in some circumstances can provide water sampler, containers and method for collection. If you have significant numbers of samples we may be able to collect free of charge. Alternatively we can conduct the sampling regime and process the samples on your behalf.

We are able to measure:

  • Phosphorus fractions, including total and dissolved reactive P;
  • Nitrogen components including ammonia, nitrate and nitrite;
  • Chlorophyll - a;
  • Suspended solids;
  • Dissolved oxygen;
  • Temperature;
  • pH;
  • Transparency;
  • Alkalinity;
  • Conductivity.

Total metal concentrations using the latest ICP-MS technology, covering all metals.

In addition we are able to collect, identify and assess the abundance of phyto- and zoo plankton species from both marine and freshwater systems.

We are able to carry out full water column characteristic assessments in both freshwater and marine systems, including identification of phyto- and zooplankton species present.