Recent Projects

EU 7th Framework project SEAT (2009 - 2013). Development of an ethical accreditation index for sustainable aquaculture in SE Asia.

EU Leonardo da Vinci, Technology Transfer Grant - VOCATIONAL AQUALABS (2009 - 2011). Vocational training workshops in sustainable aquaculture.

EU Asia LINK II (2007 to 2010). Development of PhD level training in Aquaculture for SE Asia.

Scottish Aquaculture Research Forum (2006 - 2007). A review of the sea lice bath treatment dispersion model used for discharge consenting in Scotland.

EU Asia LINK I (2005 to 2008). Development of MSc course in Aquaculture by distance learning for SE Asia.

SCORE Award, Scottish Executive (2005 - 2006). An investigation of efficacy of a novel fish-cage net antifoulant. In conjunction with PRI Scotland Ltd.

European Commission Framework 6 Coordinated Action project CONCENSUS (2005 - 2008). Multi-stakeholder platform for sustainable aquaculture in Europe.

Scottish Aquaculture Research Forum (2005 - 2006). Development of a GIS-based tool to assist planning of aquaculture developments.

Seafish Ltd & Highlands and Islands Enterprise Research & Development Grant (2004 - 2007). Quantifying and modelling nutrient wastes from cultured Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua, L).

European Commission Framework 6 INCO project (2004 - 2007) SPEAR - Sustainable options for PEople, catchment and Aquatic Resources in China.

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