The Veterinary Diagnostic Service has access to laboratory capabilities covering a wide range of disciplines. The Service also has access to all the other expertise, information and facilities within the The Institute of Aquaculture.


  • Histopathology suite equipped to produce stained sections from a range of aquatic animals.
  • H&E stained sections and special histopathological stains produced by experienced technical staff.
  • Slides produced from complete range of fish tissues.


  • Testing antimicrobial products both in vitro and in vivo
  • Bacteriology suite for isolation and identification of fish pathogens.
  • Morphological, biochemical and molecular identification techniques.
  • Reference bacterial Fish pathogen collection
  • Molecular assays


  • Dedicated Virology Unit with cell culture and virus isolation facilities.
  • Wide range of cell lines available - the variation we have is unique.
  • Range of molecular diagnostic techniques.

Electron Microscopy

  • Transmission and Scanning Electron Microscopes available.
  • Diagnostic and research capability
  • Electron micrographs available

Access to Institute of Aquaculture facilities

  • Water Quality Analysis
  • Vaccine Development
  • Feed Analysis