Consultancy Services

The Institue of Aquaculture offers consultancy and analytical service aimed at developing and supporting emerging technologies. We provide aquaculture business consultancy, veterinary diagnostics, vaccine & therapeutant testing, environmental consultancy and nutrition analysis. We also have large marine & freshwater research facilities available for commercial scale aquaculture research.

For advice on all our services, please contact Stirling Aquaculture in the first instance. For diagnostic requests contact Disease Diagnostics.

Business consultancy

Stirling Aquaculture provides opportunity and feasibility studies; due diligence and expert opinion; economic and foresight reviews; support to project development.
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Veterinary diagnostics

We provide expertise in diagnosing fish disease problems or the provision of regular fish health screening.
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Vaccine & therapeutant testing

Specially designed facilities are available for testing new vaccines or therapeutants for the aquaculture industry to GLP and GCPv standards.
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Environmental consultancy

We provide personnel, equipment and expertise for environmental assessments, site monitoring, hydrography, computer modelling, chemical and biological analytical services.
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Nutrition analysis

State of the art analytical facilities and services for the feed and food sectors in aquaculture, agriculture and clinical disciplines with particular specialisation in lipid nutrition.
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Broodstock Services

Our Reproduction and Genetics Group provides consultancy services to support commercial broodstock management and ongrowing practices for both established as well as the development of novel fish species.
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Large marine & freshwater research facilities

Comprehensive GLP compliant experimental facilities for commercial scale aquaculture research, including new veterinary medicines, feed additives, feed materials & biocides.
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Howietoun fishery

High quality brown trout and Atlantic salmon smolts are available from one of the oldest fish farms in the UK. We also have the capacity to produce triploid and all-female stocks.
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