Prof Jimmy Turnbull
Professor of Aquatic Population Health and Welfare
Jimmy Turnbull is a Professor of Aquatic Animal Health and Welfare. His research interests lie in understanding determinants of health and welfare in farmed aquatic populations and translating that understanding into improved farming practices. | Full Profile

Dr Darren Green
I am interested the ecology of disease, how diseases spread from place to place, why particular populations are more at risk than others, and how we can control and prevent disease outbreaks. My research is focussed on the epidemiology of fish diseases, however I have a continuing interest in terrestrial farming systems. | Full Profile

Dr Dave Morris
Senior Research Fellow
I am interested in the control of diseases that affect cultured fish species. My research has principally focused on the myxozoan parasite Tetracapsuloides bryosalmonae which infects a wide range of salmonids such as rainbow trout, Atlantic salmon, Arctic charr and brown trout. | Full Profile

Sandy Miller
PhD Student
I began my PhD at the Institute of Aquaculture in the Summer of 2008, looking at the epidemiology of pancreas disease supervised by Darren Green and Jimmy Turnbull. | Full Profile

Truc Luu Thi Thanh
PhD Student | Full Profile

Marleen Werkman
PhD Student
I started my PhD in October 2008. I am looking at the contact structure between and within sites of the Scottish aquaculture industry, and I am going to construct a network model. These models can help us to understand and predict the transmission of disease between and within sites. | Full Profile

Sílvia Soares
PhD Student
At moment I am doing a PhD in the Institute of Aquaculture, at the University of Stirling. The title of my thesis is: in assessment of quality and value of farm-based disease prevalence data in the evaluation of fish health and welfare. | Full Profile

Dilok Wongsathein
PhD student
I am a PhD student at Institute of Aquaculture, University of Stirling since 2008. My research topic is Streptococcosis (e.g. S. agalactiae and S. iniae) in tilapia which mainly related to microbiology and histopathology. In order to explain about pathogenesis in the fish is what relationship between age and bacteria as age susceptibility which is supervised by James Turnbull, and Margaret Crumlish. | Full Profile