Our academic structure

Research Themes (Lead)Research TeamsProfessor (Lead)Associate ProfessorSenior LecturerLecturerResearch Fellow/Researcher
Breeding and Genetic improvement
(Prof Migaud)
Breeding and Physiology Prof Migaud   Dr Davie, Dr Taylor Dr Carboni Vera, McStay, Counter, Brooker
Genomics and selection Prof McAndrew   Dr Penman, Dr Taggart Dr Bekaert Wehner
Nutrition (Prof Glencross) Prof GlencrossProf Tocher     Dr Monroig Betancor, Sprague
(Prof Adams)
Emerging Aquatic Infectious disease Prof Weidman   Dr Crumlish Dr Baily Lopez
Immunology and vaccinology Prof Adams     Dr Desbois Alvares, Hoare, Monaghan, Ramirez, Fridman
Parasitology Prof Bron   Dr Sturm Dr Paladini Preston, Basset, Carmona
Welfare and Behaviour (Dr Mackenzie) Prof Turnbull Dr MacKenzie Dr Green Dr Albalat Rey, Jin
Aquaculture systems
(Prof Little)
Environmental management Prof Telfer   Dr Leaver Dr McAdam Falconer
Society and Technology interface Prof Little       Bostock, Murray, Newton, Leschen